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Are you trying to find a reliable Indian web host? Then is a business you should absolutely think about.

In this review post, we’ll examine in-depth to see if they provide the best web hosting services in India. If they rank among the finest web hosts in the world, and if you should buy a hosting package from them.


Since was founded in 2005, it is safe to say that the web hosting firm has more than 18 years of strong market experience. With more than 30 data centers spread across the world, the web host caters to clients not just in India but all over the world.

The web hosting provider claims to host over 65,000 websites with over 3000 active servers.

The hosting firm provides its customers with a range of hosting services. Everything from dedicated servers to WordPress hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and cloud hosting. Additionally, as part of their hosting services, they provide domain name registration and other security advantages.

They are committed to providing their clients with the best hosting services at fair prices. Features

Although has numerous features, here is our list of top features that provide value for money:


Examining the uptime they give is one thing to look into before selecting a web hosting solution. Selecting a hosting solution with a high uptime rate is vital. An unreachable website can result in lost sales, which can result in the loss of a loyal consumer base.

A 99.95% uptime guarantee from ensures that users may always access your website.

Buy and renew at the same cost

One of the biggest advantages that offers in comparison to its competitors is the “buy and renew at the same cost” feature. Many hosting firms in the market provide hosting plans at cheap prices, however, renewable costs are pretty expensive. Many users then look for a different hosting provider because of the renewable charges. With this, you can be assured that your hosting charges will not go over the budget and you will not have to migrate from one web host to the other.

Quick page load time

The importance of a site’s speed should be clear to all. When a website takes too long to load, visitors will leave. The majority of people might hold out for a few seconds.

When it comes to speed, meets the mark, according to our load time test. It won’t take long for your website to load, and it will do so rapidly.

30-day money-back guarantee

Consider the 30-day money-back guarantee as well. A web hosting service is seen as an investment rather than as a service. If one is dissatisfied with their investment, they should use the option to remove it within 30 days. The 30-day money-back guarantee is provided by You can stop using their services whenever you choose, and they will quickly return your money if you do.

Customer support

You should pick a web hosting company that provides customer care around-the-clock service because you never know when you might require urgent help. Make sure there is a way to get in touch with them right away if something untoward occurs, like your website crashing. provides round-the-clock customer service. They can be reached by phone, live chat, or a ticketing platform. Their customer service representatives are competent and always willing to help. Whatever the problem, it will be solved quickly.

Domain name registration

To set up a website, the first step is to register your domain. In a typical situation, you would have to register your domain with a domain name registrar and renew the subscription time and again. With’s domain name registration services, you can register your domain under one service provider. You do not have to maintain multiple subscriptions. Additionally, you have a variety of domain name options, including .com, .org, .biz, .in, etc.

Daily backup

Backups are crucial, of course. The only way to recover your data in the event that it was lost is through a backup. Without backup, starting from scratch would be necessary, which is disastrous for internet businesses.

Users are able to quit manually or physically backing up their data thanks to the services provided by After seven days, the system replaces the secure data with the most current backup. If something goes wrong, the backup will enable the client to quickly restore their data. Pricing and Plans

Shared Hosting

There are two options available under this: Windows Shared Hosting and Linux Shared Hosting. There are 3 options in each category. While Linux Hosting comes with a cPanel control panel and 1-click app installer (starts from Rs.59/month), the Windows Hosting option comes with a Plesk control panel and 1-click app installer (starts from Rs.89/month).

The Linux Shared hosting plans are what is known for. This is what their most popular plan, includes.

10 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited emails, free SSL certificate, 99.95% uptime, and host up to 5 websites. And if you choose their higher plan, you can also obtain a free domain.

VPS hosting offers two types of VPS hosting, self-managed and managed VPS hosting. The self-managed VPS hosting is ideal for a user who is well-versed in technical aspects, and a user who requires full control and complete root access.

Managed hosting is ideal for a user who is not completely tech-savvy and someone who needs to focus on core business tasks. Additionally, you can choose between Windows and Linux VPS hosting plans. Each type has 6 plans under its umbrella.

We recommend their VPS hosting solutions because they provide the cheapest VPS Linux hosting.

Their popular plan offers 3 CPU Cores, 8 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD storage, 2 TB bandwidth, 1 GBPS network speed, 1 dedicated IP, completely managed and dedicated support, and daily backup. The plan is currently priced at Rs.1935/month.

Dedicated server

A large corporation and eCommerce business may need a dedicated server. You can choose from 6 plans under this hosting solution. The pricing ranges from Rs.7470/month to Rs.32850/month.

You get a dedicated IP, 10 TB bandwidth, dedicated support, CPU Cores, DDR4 RAM, SSD storage, 1 GBPS network speed, RAID 1, and much more.

Benefits of choosing

  • Free website migration
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Numerous hosting types and plans
  • Great performance
  • Buy and renew at the same cost
  • Domain registration and add-on security services
  • 30-day money-back

Drawbacks of choosing

  • No free domain with the basic shared hosting plans
  • No bilingual support

Verdict: Is It The Top Indian Web Hosting Company? has been thriving in the competitive hosting industry, and for good reason. They offer numerous features that ensure your hosting journey is completely hassle-free. The customer support team is hands-on and prompt. The free migration service they offer ensures that your website will be migrated to their server smoothly and swiftly.

Additionally, the 30-day money-back guarantee they offer enables a user to test out their hosting service on a trial basis.

Moreover, their buy and renew at the same cost feature assures a user that, in the long run, they will not end up paying more than what they bargained for. To conclude, is definitely one of the top Indian web hosting companies in India.

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